What We Do

Quality Value and Service from Start to Finish

The following is a detailed list of the components of the services we provide you

The entire surface is cleaned with blowers and wire brushes removing all dirt and debris.

All oil and gas and grease spots are degreased before seal coating to ensure proper adhesion of the sealer and also to rid the asphalt of substances that severely damage it.

All cracks are filled with fast drying rubberized crack filler that prevents water penetration into the subsurface and does not become sticky at high temperatures,  our specially formulated crack filler exceeds,  ASTM- 3405 fed. specifications

All asphalt surfaces are sealed using asphalt-based rubberized seal coat with a silica sand and polymer additives. Our sealer in exceeds the following federal specifications:  RP 355EM mil C 15203C,  FAA spec P625 and P626A, ASTM- D2939.

American Seal Coating is the only company to apply this specially formulated sealer.

Striping is done by state of the art equipment using a acrylic latex paint.  All lines and symbols are painted according to the customer specifications and we ensure your compliance with all ADA regulations.

Proper barricading of newly serviced areas is provided to ensure the safety of your family, customers, or tenets and the proper curing time is allowed prior to being open to traffic.

Here at American Seal Coating we are committed to providing you with the highest quality service using the highest quality products available,  we staff courteous and professional people whose goal is to deliver outstanding results and to ensure your satisfaction.