American Seal Coating
American Seal Coating

American Seal Coating

We have been seal coating for over 10 years now. We offer only the best, most modern solutions for all of your Asphalt Seal Coating, Line Striping, Crack Repair and Drive Way Repair  needs.

Sealcoating – We use state of the art Pitch Black © Asphalt Emulsion sealcoat formulas to guarantee sealed and protected asphalt.

CrackFill- our specially formulated crack filler Exceeds ASTM- 3405 fed. specifications. Does not become sticky at high temperatures.

Patch Repair- small patches and tears in the existing asphalt are repaired before seal coating, this ensures that the entire area is properly sealed and water cannot penetrate anywhere.

Line Stripping- If line striping is required,  nothing looks better than fresh yellow straight parking lines on a brand-new, black,  seal coated parking lot.  Our experienced line stripers do it better than anyone.

 Seal Coating

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